• $24.00
  • Save $8

  • The most versatile cable keeper available, cable management solution
  • Organize your work space
  • Makes traveling easier
  • Eliminate cord clutter
  • Easy cable identification


Cloop is a magnetic cable keeper made of elastic silicone with strong neodymium magnets. Ideal for desk organization, travelers, busy people on-the-go, and runners. Cloop will make handling cables easier and more efficient for you. Cloop has neodymium magnets enclosed at both ends, which makes Cloop easy to snap shut and open. It’s small size and cable passage makes it an ideal daily-use cable companion. Cloop won’t slide off your cables and cords. In fact, it actually works as a companion device. Cloop stays attached to your cord, even when not in direct use, so you don’t have to worry about losing it. Cloop is Patent Pending and International PCT registered.

Exercise With Headphones Attached

Cloop can attach to your clothes when running, jogging or working out to prevent headphones from flapping around while in motion.

Cable Companion

Cloop makes sure you don't have to fuss with messy cords or cables from your growing collection of gadgets

Organize Your Drawers

Easy cable identification by color and utilization of drawer space

Cloop Size

Small Cloop is optimum for small cables, such as earbuds, USB cables, smartphone chargers, headphone cables, iPad & tablet chargers, iPod chargers and Kindle chargers. Large Cloop is optimum for small to medium laptop cables, video game cords, guitar cables, camera cables, iPhone/iPad chargers, and longer USB cables. Please refer to the Cloop Size Guide above to ensure your Cloop will accommodate your cable sizes.


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