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  • Sticks to any flat, smooth surface: The NanoHold phone holder mount is the perfect iPhone holder for car or home use
  • Makes selfies easy: Forget using the mirror or an ugly, flimsy selfie stick-just attach your smartphone, tablet or other device
  • Even better, it's compatible with most iPhone 5 accessories and apple iPhone 6 accessories so that you don't have to dump your existing case
  • No sticky residue, instantly removable: Many cell phone accessories that are designed for hands-free activity rely on sticky glue or tape
  • These leave gummy, sticky residue on your phone and/or on other surfaces-avoid all of that with NanoHold 

Say Goodbye To Selfie Sticks Forever

Ditch your clumsy, fragile selfie stick for a new way to attach your phone or tablet to practically any flat surface easily and safely. The NanoHold is a quick and easy way to temporarily mount your device, making hands-free operation a cinch. Best of all, NanoHold is durable, affordable, and compatible with almost all phones and flat-backed cases.

The Fruit Of Decades of Advanced Materials Research

The NanoHold is a credit-card-sized device constructed from advanced materials capable of holding hundreds of times their own weight. You can engage in any hands-free use (watching instructional videos, cooking instructions, video recording) with total confidence that your phone or tablet will be exactly where you left it by the time you're done.

NanoHold also uses microscopic suction cups (or, as we like to call it, ‘NanoSuction’), which means it’s able to stick to glass, mirrors, cabinets, metal, whiteboards, and other flat surfaces without leaving unsightly residue behind.

A Risk-Free Purchase

The NanoHold (along with all of our phone accessories) is protected by a 30-day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. If you're not happy with it for any reason, contact us within 30 days of the original purchase date for a full refund.

Order your NanoHold today!

Makes Your Device Hands-Free!

NanoHold gives you your hands back. You no longer have to fumble around with your device while taking pictures, watching how-to videos, streaming movies, following along with recipes, or when giving a presentation. The NanoSuction allows you to stick your device to a surface and get things done.

Perfect for Selfies and Group Photos!

The NanoHold is the perfect assistant for taking group or individual selfies. Selfies usually end up being only half of your body or they have an awkward arm or shiny selfie stick in them, NanoHold eliminates these issues. With NanoHold, you can position it wherever you want, so you can easily take a whole body picture whenever you want. NanoHold also allows you to get a group picture without leaving a person or your scenery out or having to ask a stranger to take your photo. Simply use the NanoSuction to stick your phone or device to a surface, set the built-in timer feature on your device's camera, and smile!

Slim and Sleek Design!

Phones and tablets are already big enough. NanoHold's sleek design doesn't add unnecessary bulk to your device--you should be able to carry your device just like you were before you added the NanoHold. The NanoHold and cover are the size of a standard credit card.

Works on Many Surfaces!

NanoHold allows you to stick your device to many different smooth, flat surfaces: Tile, Marble, Cinder Block, Smooth Walls, Acrylic, Windows, Mirrors, Stainless Steel, Finished Wood, and More!

Uses NanoSuction Technology!

NanoHold uses Microscopic Suction Cells, or NanoSuction, to stick to various surfaces. This means there is no sticky residue left behind when you remove your device. It also means when your NanoHold gets dirty, you can easily clean it off and your NanoHold will be like new!

NanoHold: Stick Up Your Phone, Get Your Hands Back.

We understand that phones and tablets are a way of life now. So, it was our goal to make that small part of life a little more convenient for people with a durable, long lasting phone holder at an affordable price. NanoHold is the solution. A simple, sleek accessory for your phone that lets you stick it to the surfaces that are all around you, giving you your hands back to get things done.


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